Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Part the XXI: Let's Play a Game!

So one of the more interesting things I have noticed since moving to England are how creative some of the adverts on the television are.  Some of them are truly amazing.  Take, for example, the old Honda "Cog" Commercial that aired here a few years ago:
The most amazing part of the ad is how it is only two takes edited together.  Then there is the recent ad campaign for Cravendale Milk:
This has singlehandedly become my favorite ad since moving here!

Then there is the other side to the situation.  You see, there are quite a few ads here that just seem to occur, and not really show or talk about what their meaning is.  Thus, its time to play one of my favorite games:  What Were They Selling Again!?
Okay, lets start with Confused.com

Any ideas...?  Anyone at all? (Crickets chirping)...  Alright well, lets try another ad from them:
Maybe its a dating site, perhaps a flower company?  Well, your wrong.  In truth, confused.com is just like Progressive at home, that is to say, it is a site where you can compare insurance rates for your car.

Heres One more company with odd ads.  What does Moonpig.com sell?

Gifts?  Maybe candy?

Maybe Christmas things...no, turns out they sell personalized greeting cards.  I understand the idea on the ads.  You see them, say I wonder what they are, and visit the site.  It is genius and it works.  Still, in this busy rushing world, ads like this seem like a crapshoot.  In the past, ads were to be short and sweet and get to the point of what they were selling.  Now, in a world full of dada ads, it just seems harder and harder to find what we want.  Until next time, this has been "What Were They Selling Again!?

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