Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Part the XL: Where Nick comes home.

5/21/2011 11:35 PM EST
Home...Its so good to be back.  To see mom and dad at the airport for the first time in more than four months.  To ride in a normal car again.  To see my grandmother and pet my cat.  These are all things that Skype could only do so much for.  The real thing is so much better.  I miss Bath already but it is so nice to be home.  So what comes next?  Well, personally, I will take a week off and then return to my museum for work.  My spare time will be taken up by reenactments and black powder shooting competitions.  And what of "Drawing A Bath"?  That is a harder question.  It has technically served its purpose.  In this pages you have heard from me about my travels, trials and all the fun I have had.  So, do I just close with this and allow it to sit as is for as long as the net allows?  I feel like it would be sad and grow old.  To come back and find nothing new would bother me.  Instead, I think I will return now and then to add stories and reflections on my time in England.  More importantly, I want this to be used by people in the future for inspiration of things they too can do in England.  For now, it can all wait.  My body thinks it is 4:30 in the morning and I need sleep.  Until next time, this is Auburn Calling and Nick Oristian signing off....


Part the XXXIX: What did we learn?

So what did I learn from this journey?  Well, in the interest of keeping this short I will only list a few:
Horse is still a viable mode of transport in Bradford-on-Avon.

British Cricket Video Games work on American PS3's...or so I have been told...not that I would know personally or anything.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned was that Andrew Butterworth can sing!

Part the XXXVIII: Goodbyeee!

Final Tea...I really can't believe that my journey here is at an end.  I have met so many interesting people and seen and done so many interesting things.  I feel as though saying goodbye here is not a final one though.  I like to think that I am going to be returning here someday.  I can only hope I am correct.  I did some final things in my last few days.  For example, I took a trip back to Bradford-on-Avon as soon as my exams were done.  I found the same little town I loved before but this time the gardens were in bloom.  I even go to see a village cricket match.  This was nice because the players are everyday people.  Doctors, lawyers, clerks and students come together to represent their town and play cricket.  It was pretty cool.
The old man on the footbridge of the Train Station.

This guy rides his horse through town.

Village Cricket

The visiting side had a ten year old bowler.  He took two wickets, both LBW.

Meanwhile in Bath, a painter finishes his view of the Abbey.

John, Jamie, and the rest of the trivia team at the St. James Wine Vaults.

Myself with Lindsay Orchard, Jonathon Hope, and the great Andrew Butterworth of ASE.

Hadrian, Austin and myself at the final tea.

Tomorrow, I return to America.  I leave behind new friends, a great city, and sadly, a country where football (gonna have to get used to calling it soccer again), rugby, and cricket are well respected.  Until I return, Cheers!