Saturday, March 12, 2011

A great story here about a Bath City Legend.

Story from the Bath Chronicle 

So I read this story in the local paper a few days ago about Ben Docherty, a former Bath City and Nott's County player making a start for the Holt F.C. village team down in the amateur Trowbridge and District League.  This would probably not even register on most readers radar.  The thing is, the last time he started for Bath City was about 40 years ago!  Docherty made his Holt debut at the age of 69!  This makes him one of the oldest starters in FA History.  Literally, here's a picture of him for Nott's County
And here is a picture of him for Holt
That is him dodging a tackle from the other clubs captain. This is a man who had his hip replaced 10 years ago!  If you get a chance, read the link to the main story at the top.  Absolutely amazing!

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