Friday, March 18, 2011

Part the XVIII: Happy Red Nose Day!

Happy Red Nose Day to all of my readers!  Here in England, there is a wonderful program called Comic Relief whose job it is to raise money for those who are in need all around the world.  Every two years, they celebrate Red Nose Day.  It is a chance for musicians, comedians, actors and athletes to come together for one weekend and take part in festivities.  They can be anything from special episodes of certain BBC game shows, to FA football matches being played with Red footballs.  In the months leading up to the day, sales of merchandise, food from sponsors and other items add to the donations.  Most importantly, people don red noses throughout the day as a way to show their support.  This year's Red Nose Day has seen a new charity single by Susan Boyle (along with a comedian in drag), Chris Moyle and Comedy Dave of Radio 1 being on air a marathon 57 hours and Matt Smith (aka: Dr. Who) performing in a short comic episode of the series in order to raise money.  For more info see these links...
Comic Relief on Wikipedia
Red Nose Day Official Site

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