Monday, February 21, 2011

Highlights from Week Three

The Roman Baths

The Pump Room at the Baths.  Inside the window is the original fountain that brought up the healing waters of the bath so people could drink it.  At one time, this Pump House and it's restaurant was the place to see and be seen.

The Tower at Broadway in the Cotswolds.  Considered a folly, this is what happened when the Earl of Coventry decided to be rich and eccentric and build a tower.

A thatched roof cottage of the Cotswolds in Broadway.

The Snowdrops at the Painswick Rococo Gardens.

The Baker Street Underground Station had awesome Sherlock Holmes motifs throughout.

The Queen's house and Maritime College in Greenwich.

A swan at St. Jame's Park.  It is said that the Queen supposedly owns all the swans in England.

How to know what unit the guards on post at the palace are with.

So we stopped at a Toy Store in London, its train section was awesome.

A great what-if scenario.  The HMS Victory under Lord Nelson lays into a run-aground Bismarck.  Judging by the plane in the water, Nelson fitted some after market AA guns to the Victory.

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