Friday, February 11, 2011

Al Murray's Unique British Comedy

Since getting to Bath, I have taken a liking to one of the newer digital TV channels here.  That channel is known simply as "Dave".  Imagine if you will a channel that shows nothing but Top Gear and British episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway?.  Got that in your head?  Good, then you now know what "Dave" looks like.  It is really quite a brilliant channel to be honest.  After watching the news on old Auntie (The BBC) or catching a game on Channel 4, "Dave" is just a nice way to relax and have a laugh.  One of the most recent things they have had on the past few nights are specials from comedian, Al Murray.  Murray's comedy comes from his on stage persona known as "The Pub Landlord".  This character is a stereotypical, xenophobic publican with a dislike for anything not British.  In this video he shares his ideas on "British Thinking".

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