Sunday, February 6, 2011

Highlights from Week One

Bath Abbey from it's plaza entrance.

The burial place of the wife of an English General inside the abbey.

The angels inside the choir loft at the abbey.  As our guide noted, there is one playing a bagpipe.  The violinist next to him seems to want nothing of it as his wing is curled around his ear.

Our Street Sign.


The main hall of the Masonic Lodge at Bath.  It is the original home to the Theatre Royale.  In some places, evidence of its original life as a theater can be seen.

Cricket Bats!

The Circus

Stonehenge!  It was a bit smaller then I imagined but it still amazing when one notices that the stones made a 200 mile journey from Wales and no one knows how.

The Cathedral at Salisbury.  It is home to the largest spire in all the UK at 404 feet.

Burial Place of PM Edward Heath in the Cathedral.

Streets of Lacock where films like The Wolfman and the Harry Potter series were filmed.

The George.  Built in 1250, it is one of the oldest pubs in England and is in Lacock.  This is where we had dinner.

So that does it for week one.  Now, all focus turns toward my studies as class begins tomorrow.  Will write more as time goes on.  Until then, this has been Bath calling.

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