Sunday, April 17, 2011

Part the XXVIII: Allez, Allez, Allez, Bath, Bath, Bath! or: Where Nick goes to a Rugby Match

So if there is one thing any sports fan should know about the city of Bath, it is that Rugby is King.  Don't get me wrong, personally I think more people should go to Bath City football matches.  I will go so far as to say that I still prefer standing on the terraces at Twerton Park.  But if you want sell out crowds and international team representatives, you have to go to the Rec.  Todays match saw Bath Rugby take on the Harlequins from London.  There was a lot riding on this match.  At the start of the day, the Quins were sitting in sixth, just one point ahead of the seventh place Bath.  A win would propel Bath up a spot and give them a run at the playoffs.

First off, a bit of history for the teams: Founded 1865, Bath Rugby is the second oldest team in the Aviva Premiership for English Rugby.  They traditionally wear classic horizontal hooped uniforms of blue, black and white and their shirt sponsor is local computer repair group, IPL.  One month ago, a dozen of their players were representing England in the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament.  They also have internationals from South Africa, Argentina, and the USA.

The Harlequins are the third oldest club, only one year younger than Bath.  Sponsored by Etihad Airways, they are famous for their multicoloured, quartered uniforms.
The Recreation Ground, known as the Rec to locals has been home to Bath Rugby for a number of years although recent attempts to upgrade the grounds has been heavily opposed by locals and has recently become bogged down with the county and city council.

Pre-match outside the Huntsmen.

Spandex Fans!

The Wadsworth 6X stand.


The Harlequins have started selling dress jackets striped in their colors.  This fellow, who I had a drink with earlier, had the matching Bow Tie.  He was actually pretty cool.  I kind of want this outfit now.

Bath won 19-15 in a close match that came down to the 'Quins final possession.  All in all, it was a great day and definitely an experience I will never forget.  Next Saturday, it is off to the Bath City v. Histon football match at Twerton Park.  But first, on Thursday, it is off to London and the famous Lord's Cricket Ground as Local Marylebone Cricket Club take on the Scottish National team in one-day limited overs action! 

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