Thursday, April 7, 2011

Part the XXIV: Where Nick decides to get lost in England

So, today was supposed to begin my rail tour of the Southern UK.  I figured I would go to either Cardiff in Wales or perhaps Portsmouth.  Instead, my hand decided to do the talking and put me through the snooze alarm about eight times...Thats fine, I reckon I needed a day to recover from the Rome Trip anyway.  The problem was, once I was up, had eaten and showered, there was nothing to do in Bath and no one around to hang out with.  I found myself walking to the train station anyway.  I got to the window and asked to station master when the next train was.  He said something about some little branchline I had never heard of and how a train was leaving for there in 15 minutes.  A round trip ticket cost me three pounds (Quick note, if you ever visit England for an extended stay, get a railcard, fares like these are lifesavers).  The train was a small little powered passenger car affair that dropped me in the quiet town of Bradford-on-Avon, fifteen minutes, and around 20 miles from Bath.  Getting off here was the best choice I ever made!
The Benches at the Station in town still bear the old Great Western Railroad "Circle" logo.  To anyone who grew up watching Thomas the Tank Engine, you may remember this logo appearing on the character of Oliver.

The Southwest Trains common paint scheme.  I like to call it the Gettysburg Scheme.

Bradford's old Brunell Era station.

The Dandy Lion, one of my new favorite pub signs.

The lock-up on the town bridge.

Giving Hitler the bird=so much win!

Tithe Barn, over 600 years old.

The Angel decor in the Saxon Church.

The Saxon Church which dates back...well to the time of the Saxons.

I can honestly say that I loved my visit to this quaint little town.  This is exactly what I would think of when asked to imagine a small British village.  The people are nice, the buildings and scenery pretty and everything seems to fit and have a meaning in the overall running of the town.  I can honestly say that before I return to the States in May, I will be making at least one more stop in Bradford-on-Avon.
Tomorrow will see my trip to Portsmouth, the home of the Royal Navy. 

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