Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scenes from a Mexican Restaurant (Inside Newark-Liberty Airport)

So this is a live word-picture of what I am seeing here in Newark-Liberty.  As I write this I am sitting in a small Mexican Restaurant inside the C-Terminal in Newark, New Jersey.  The flight from Syracuse went well.  I have never been on a turbo-prop before.  It was an interesting experience.  After talking this past fall to a riding mechanic of PBY Catalinas during the Second World War, I have a greater respect for prop-planes.

While in Syracuse waiting with my parents to depart, my dad and I took notice of the TSA's video explaining new screening processes.  One of the things was about not making jokes about terrorism or anything else while in line.   While this makes sense, it would have been better if it was all in bold print.  It instead read "Don't Make Jokes" in bold print with everything else smaller.  I feel this brings up interesting morale questions.  Are there designated joke-making areas like the smoking areas at the airports where one can make jokes without penalty? What happens when a Comedian wants to fly, does he take a private jet instead?  Is a blonde joke grounds for tazing if the TSA officer is blonde or is that profiling?  Interesting questions but sadly no answer.

Here in Newark, things are calm.  Travelers seem to have a mutual respect for one another.  We are all pilgrims together...even if our destinations are different.  Newark is Huge!  I am greatly entertained by the shuttles Continental has that consist of Stretch-limo style golf carts.  I must admit that I would love to get an opportunity to drive one of these on a golf about style.  Everything seems to be on schedule and it looks like I will be in the air for London soon.  The next time I write, I will finally be on English Soil.  Until then, this has been Newark Calling.

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